Rocks and Trees appear on each island automatically when you first play on it, and you can gain XP by Clearing (removing) them. Bigger Rocks and Trees don't reappear after you have Cleared them, but Rubble and Fallen Meteorites may keep falling from space! You cannot move them or build new ones.

Some Rocks and Trees have different appearances depending on their home island, but the cost and time to Clear them remains the same.

Name Cost to Clear Time to Clear Provides
Bush Bush2 Bush Gold 100 1 minute 100 Xp
Mediumtree Mediumtree2 Medium Tree Gold 200 5 minutes 200 Xp
Large Tree Gold 3,000 2 hours 3,000 Xp
Rubble Gold 100 2 minutes 100 Xp
Tinyrockbrown Tinyrocklightgrey Tiny Rock Gold 500 10 minutes 500 Xp
Smallrockbrown Smallrockdarkgrey
Small Rock Gold 5,000 4 hours 5,000 Xp
Mediumrockbrown Mediumrockdarkgrey
Medium Rock Gold 15,000 8 hours 15,000 Xp
Bigrockbrown Bigrocklightgrey Big Rock Gold 125,000 16 hours 125,000 Xp
Hugerockbrown Hugerocklightgrey Huge Rock Gold 500,000 1 day 8 hours 500,000 Xp
Fallen Meteorite Gold 1,000 5 minutes 1,000 Xp