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Welcome to the Monster Legends Wiki

Monster Legends Wiki is a collaborative Wiki dedicated to Social Point's Facebook game Monster Legends.
This Wiki was created by Monster Legends fans and only by fans, and as such it has no official association with Social Point or their game(s).
For game related issues or bug reports, please visit Social Point's Help and Support page, or their Official Monster Legends Forum.

Please note that this wiki is still heavily under construction. All created pages and pictures are protected against vandalism, so only admins can edit the existing information. 
If you would like to become an admin or help otherwise, or you found typos, mistakes, missing information (which there is still plenty, I know), or something else worth mentioning, please do leave a comment, create an account here or login by using Facbook and send a message to me, or start a discussion on the Monter Legends Wiki Forum!

Mayfirst (Admin)